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The ZeroNet – Top 100 Most Ambitious Companies in Ireland

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Spark Crowdfunding announce their Top 100 most ambitious Irish companies for 2022 – and we are one of them!

The ZeroNet has received a further boost by being included in Spark Crowdfunding’s Top 100 most ambitious Irish companies for 2022.

Spark Crowdfunding has rapidly established itself as Ireland’s premier crowd funding platform and is turning the dial on how start up businesses can gain critical but straightforward access to equity finance.

The ZeroNet is the world's first cloud based technology platform designed explicitly around the logistical requirements of the Circular Economy, arguably the most important sustainability movement in the world right now and one which is firmly linked to a zero-carbon, zero-waste and resource efficient future. Our core proposition is to transform the way in which products and materials are recovered – typically from the home – to facilitate a revolution in high value zero-waste recovery activities including reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing, refilling as well as providing the core logistical infrastructure to enable the adoption and scale-up of circular business models.

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