The ZeroNet is an app that allows householders to simply and quickly request a collection of unwanted items from your home – promoting a circular economy through reuse

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The ZeroNet is an intelligent collection ('reverse') logistics network designed to optimise household recovery - and especially reuse - of post-consumer products and materials

CE Business


The ZeroNet can help support these 5 models on the forefront of the transition to the Circular Economy.

1. Circular supplies

2. Resource recovery

3. Product life extension

4. Sharing Platform

5. Product as a Service (PaaS)

Global Brand


Many major corporate brands have expressed their support for The ZeroNet model and we plan to create many innovative take-back services with several of these - we are actively planning to launch our first branded take-back service in Q1, 2021



The ZeroNet is the world's first cloud based technology platform designed explicitly around the logistical requirements of the Circular Economy. This is arguably the most important sustainability movement in the world right now and one which is firmly linked to a zero-carbon, zero-waste and resource efficient future.


The ZeroNet app has now launched in Brighton & Hove in partnership with Tech-Takeback, to provide the RevaluElectricals service. Available in over 120,000 homes, the service is designed to radically streamline the domestic recovery of unwanted small electrical and electronic devices.


The RevaluElectricals service – powered by The ZeroNet app & Tech-Takeback - is designed for collection efficiency in an urban environment by enabling multiple collections to take place in close proximity to each other. We also collect using an electric vehicle to minimise environmental impact.

Make a contribution towards reducing the nearly 1.6 million tonnes of e-waste generated annually in the UK, and support local reuse organisations to generate income, by turning potential waste into valuable resources – and all without leaving your home!

After requesting a collection of your electrical items, we will work to offer you a collection based on your availability preferences as soon as possible. You can accept or reject a collection offer by visiting the 'My Collections' area of The ZeroNet app.





Have your unwanted electrical items collected for charity and reuse.


Sign up and

use the App

Just click on the items you wish to have collected and we will keep you posted with live collection updates via the app.

Wait for


On the collection day, the driver will call directly to your door and collect your items.