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ZeroNet accepted into premier European climate accelerator.

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Start-ups shaping a climate-positive new normal

ClimAccelerator is a global programme giving start-ups access to innovate, catalyse, and scale the potential of their climate solutions. In a global community of organisers, ClimAccelerator runs both theme-based and place-based acceleration programs. It goes beyond European borders, building a bridge between our world’s industry experts and systems to break new ground in carbon reduction.

With the European Green Deal and Paris Agreement as north stars, breakthrough businesses with proven climate impact technologies and partners need one powerful platform where they can connect and scale towards true industry transformation.

The ZeroNet was accepted into the programme in May 2022 and with the potential to access a cohort of cities and industries including Dublin, Berlin plus Veolia and UPS, we are confident that our acceptance into this prestigious programme will help us on our journey to accelerate the adoption of our award winning circular logistics platform. The relationship between circularity and climate mitigation is well established and re-imagining collection/reverse logistics is an essential component of the circular shift that is now truly underway globally.

About the ZeroNet:

We created the ZeroNet - the world's first cloud based technology platform designed explicitly around the logistical requirements of the Circular Economy (CE), arguably the most important sustainability movement in the world right now and one that is firmly linked to a zero-carbon, zero-waste and resource efficient future. Our core proposition is to transform the way in which products and materials are recovered – typically from the home – and facilitate a revolution in high value zero-waste recovery activities including reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing, refilling as well as providing the core logistical infrastructure to enable the adoption and scale-up of circular business models.

The platform has been live in the English city of Brighton since November 202 and available to over 100,000 homes. It has transformed that city’s e-Waste landscape facilitating unprecedented levels of reuse in both data bearing equipment (35%) and also in other forms of EEE as well. In fact, over 20% of small household appliances recovered via the ZeroNet platform are now being reused; if this were scaled throughout the UK, then this figure could reach over 100m items. This would create truly transformative benefits across the spectrum of social, environmental, economic and carbon.

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