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ZeroNet platform to launch in Australia in 2022!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Scipher Technologies & ZeroNet to partner – targeting the deployment of

the ZeroNet to over 8.5 million Australian homes

Scipher Technologies, Australia's leading urban mining and e-waste reprocessor, intends to enter into full commercial relations with Zeronet Services Australia, a subsidiary of Zerobin Group Ltd (registered in Ireland) to use the company's award winning intelligent logistics platform The ZeroNet throughout Australia to transform how Scipher recovers e-waste from primarily domestic sources.

Commenting on the announcement, Chris Sayers, Managing Director of Scipher stated “Scipher is keenly awaiting developments of this exciting technology which we believe will have the potential to transform the entire e-waste recovery landscape across Australia - not to mention the possibility of deploying higher value circular models which could be applied across many different sectors in Australia including textiles, FMCG, coffee pods and many more”

“We’re really excited about this development” said Paul McSweeney, ZeroNet’s founder and CEO. “Launching in Australia will really allow us to demonstrate that the ZeroNet platform – ten years in the making – can really transform the e-waste landscape in that country. Beyond e-waste, we also look forward to working with Chris and his team to deliver many additional circular models in Australia in the years to come.” continued McSweeney.

In summary:

  • The ZeroNet platform to be deployed across Australia and made available in up to 8.5 million homes – around 85% of all homes in Australia

  • This will result in a potential 17 million collections PA in Australia once the platform is deployed at scale

  • This figure does not include other higher value e-waste transactions that the ZeroNet platform will also facilitate such as branded takeback

  • Nor does it include circular models and specialised waste collection services which offer the possibility to vastly inflate the size of the potential market in Australia

The ZeroNet app – which has been operating live in the UK city of Brighton & Hove for over a year now and available to over 120,000 homes – is slated to launch in Ireland in mid-2022 in the city of Cork and will help that city on its journey to zero carbon by tracking the carbon savings associated with optimised e-waste recovery and reuse.

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