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ZeroNet platform targets carbon savings for e-waste

KnowCarbon & ZeroNet to partner – integrating KnowCarbon’s unique carbon tracking onto the ZeroNet platform

ZeroNet’s award winning smart collection logistics platform will be given a major boost through the integration of KnowCarbon’s carbon analytics platform. ZeroNet’s circular logistics cloud platform – which optimises the recovery and second life enablement of post-consumer materials - will integrate KnowCarbon’s carbon assessment tool within the ZeroNet platform. This will allow ZeroNet app users – and especially those using ZeroNet’s unique doorstep e-waste collection service – to understand the positive carbon impact from using the ZeroNet service. For example, a laptop recovered for reuse, as opposed to recycling, can result in carbon savings of 250kgs. From mid-2022, this carbon saving figure will be actively tracked within the ZeroNet platform, thanks to KnowCarbon.

“As COP26 puts the climate agenda front and centre it is important that circular economy initiatives such as the ZeroNet are seen as credible pathways to a zero carbon world” said Paul McSweeney, ZeroNet’s founder and CEO. “Understanding the relationship between CO2 emissions and products like smartphones and laptops is critical – especially as over 50% of all carbon emissions come from the products we use every day – KnowCarbon provides unique data to track the carbon footprint associated with everyday products” continued McSweeney.

“Understanding the carbon savings individuals can make will be critical to getting to net zero” said Eamonn Galvin, founder and CEO at KnowCarbon. “Integrating with the ZeroNet platform takes our data and technology to a larger audience. As carbon reduction gathers momentum, aligning our expertise to ZeroNet’s growing platform is a major opportunity to track the carbon savings associated with one of the world’s most troublesome waste streams, namely e-waste” continued Galvin.

The ZeroNet app – which has been operating live in the UK city of Brighton & Hove for a year now and available to over 120,000 homes – is slated to launch in Ireland in mid-2022 in the city of Cork and will help that city on its journey to zero carbon by tracking the carbon savings associated with optimised e-waste recovery and reuse.

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