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Happy Birthday to Us!

The ZeroNet is now a year old in Brighton & Hove!! We launched the RevaluElectricals service in collaboration with Tech-Takeback and Brighton & Hove City Council and with the support of Material Focus in November 2020.

In that time we have shown how the ZeroNet can turn the dial on reuse and smart e-waste recovery:

- Over 20% of items recovered have been reused

- Over 35% reuse on data bearing items

- Almost 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions saved through reuse.

If these figures were applied nationally throughout the UK, then an astonishing 100m WEEE items could be recovered for reuse. We've now proven that this can be achieved technically and logistically. Now it's time to scale, and not just in the UK!

Next stop for 2022, Ireland and Australia!

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